Russ Bonagura Photo Gallery
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Hello Folks - I chew on microphones! ;)


Someone's knocking on the door!...

russ in thought ;)

My beautiful little miracles! :)

Recording, recording, recording, recording, in the red room..  :)

Me with Barry Gibb backstage at The Grammys


Me and Dan at Bacchus "Acoustic Thursdays" in NJ..

Just a headshot...

My new friends at the 1st Cerebal Palsy School, Christmas:
Quadriyyah, Darious, Jylil, Mia, Brandon, Jonathan, Nadin, Jose
and me sitting with my daughter Micaila!

What I live for (not the beach)! :)

(pic by Joe Orrecchio)


Me with Kenny Loggins


"The Nashville Sessions"
Standing:: Terry (eng), Mike Brignardello, Ilya Toshtinski,
Howard Duck.. Seated: Michael Bonagura (producer) and me.
Omni Sound, Nashville, Tn.

Video Shoot Set, Greenstreet Films, NYC ~ above photos (c) Jason Florio


Me with Aamer Haleem from VH1. NYC

Keith Mack            John Hummel                Russ Bonagura

Solo Acoustic

Playing piano - Lookout!

Amy Coleman, Russ, and Valerie Smaldone

Bonagura brothers Russ & Tom perform

Grind it Baby!!


John, Russ, Rick Sommers


Russ Unplugged Town Grind  


Town Grind
"Happy Trails to you" Unplugged Town Grind


On the Red Carpet Me and Alisa on The Red Carpet


Red Carpet Me with Barry Gibb
backstage at The Grammys

 JP Folks NYC Showcase
Unplugged with Keith
JP Folks NYC SHowcase

Chew the mic Keith Me and Keith
Rehoboth Beach, De.

EKO bass rules! Keith onstage 'Take' Front cover

Me with Crispin, Bob and Larry (L-R) from "The Uptown Horns" Dennis Fink and John Petrucelli at the console

Packed house at The Metro Lounge for the "Pieces" opening night show These fans dropped their towels while waving their hands during the 1st song!

Recording "Pieces"

Keith, Russ, Benjy Keith, Russ  Benjy, Espen

Benjy at the wheel! Russ and EKO Keith, Benjy, Espen, Russ

Benjy, Russ, Espen, Keith Russ, Espen, Keith  Benjy, Russ

Keith, Benjy Russ, Keith, Steve Holley, Arno Hecht Benjy

Benjy, Espen Russ Russ

Benjy, Keith Russ, Espen, Keith Espen